​MD-2 Indoor Motion & Light Sensor


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    Indoor, Recessed, IP20, 360° Detection Angle, PoE-Powered, Cloud-Intelligent

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    The MD-2 is the first standalone PoE-powered and cloud-configured indoor motion & light sensor.

    The MD-2 can be placed in any room to automatically turn on lights when motion is detected. All motion and light detected will pass to the cloud, where the user can select which light(s) will turn on and for what duration. Unlike other motion and light sensors, the MD-2 can be set to a schedule to turn on lights at predefined intensity levels during specific timeframes. For example, it can be set to turn on bathroom lights at 100% intensity when motion is detected during the day and at a lower luminosity when motion is detected at night to create a night-light effect. The MD-2 can also be set to ignore motion during specific timeframes. Settings are schedules can be managed with ease via the PoEWit app.