IP-1 Dry Contact / Voltage Trigger for Home Automation


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    2 Dry Contact Closure Inputs, 2 Voltage Trigger Inputs, 2 Voltage Trigger Outputs, PoE-Powered

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    IP-1 Trigger:

    IP-1 Inputs

    Dry Contact Closure 1
    Dry Contact Closure 2
    Voltage Trigger 1 (5V - 24V)
    Voltage Trigger 2 (5V - 24V)

    IP-1 Outputs

    Voltage Trigger 1
    (5V - 24V App-Adjustable)
    Voltage Trigger 2 
    (5V - 24V App-Adjustable)

    The IP-1 has four independent inputs: two dry contact closures and two voltage triggers. When one of these four independent inputs is placed into a Lighting Group within the PoEWit app, it will turn on all lights in the Lighting Group with a user-defined duration, intensity, steady/flashing, and color (if the lighting is color-capable).

    • Dry Contact Closure: Lights trigger when a normally open or closed condition is reversed. Normally open or closed state is user-defined in the PoEWit app.
    • Voltage Trigger: Lights trigger when voltage is present. Voltage range is 5V to 24V.

    The IP-1 has two independent voltage outputs that will trigger when the Lighting Group is turned on either by an input trigger in same Lighting Group or by another lighting control device, such as a Motion Detector or Wall Switch. These voltage outputs can be used to trigger PoEWit lights as well as any 3rd party devices that accept a voltage trigger. Voltage output is user-defined in the PoEWit app and can range from 5V to 24V.

    PoEWit Lighting Network Example with IP-1

    The IP-1 can turn on any/all lights in the diagram below when the third-party alarm triggers it.