Cloud intelligent poe RECESSED LIGHTING

recessed lights are individually controlled
and can be programmed to react to events automatically

Recessed lights can double as residential emergency lights.

- Configure your lights to automatically turn on, off or dim when utility power is lost.

- When using PoEWit's PoE switch, automatically load shed 3rd party devices to conserve battery power. 

- Lighting can be easily retrofitted in key locations such as stairwells and hallways to provide a safe path to exit a home.

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

Endless scenes because lights are controlled by software, not wires

Unique scenes for livings spaces where the lights by the TV can be turned off, while the wall art and key decor are lit during social events.



- Lux levels can be very dim which is unachievable by high
voltage LED's.
- Permanent infrastructure devices instead of lights you have
to plug into outlets.



our Technology

When our UPS senses a power outage, it automatically alerts our cloud to trigger lights and provide central battery backup.
It is even smart enough to turn off unnecessary devices to conserve battery life. All low voltage and always smart.

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