Poewit's legacy of success

We are engineers. We are poets. We marry technology and art. Consequently, we create beautiful, elegant, innovative, ground breaking smart products that customers love. But we do not work alone. We forge strong relationships with our channel partners and dealers. We collaborate with them to ensure that they have the tools and support required to be successful. We arm them with stATE-of-THE-art solutions and provide them with sufficient margins, so their business grows along with ours. Together, we thrive and write the next chapter in custom electronics.

Poewit's legacy of success

The first time a person takes on a new challenge is the most difficult, because one does not know what to expect. 
As the saying goes, experience is the best teacher. PoEWit founders, Victor Pak and Dusan Jankov
are unique and know how to build a successful home network company. They did it before.  

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They are custom electronic space veterans. They were schooled in top colleges, like the University of Chicago, University of Southern California, and Tufts University. They hold degrees not only in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science but also in Business Administration. They held top engineering and management positions at well-known enterprises.  In 2003, they took their academic and practical business experience and started a networking company dedicated to the custom electronic channel, called  Pakedge Device & Software.  

At that time, audio and video broadcast was changing from proprietary, complex, difficult to maintain solutions to standard IP based computer networks. They knew they could deliver better networking equipment beyond the compromised all-in-one wireless router that came with a small CPU, low powered RF amplifiers, and noise circuity.  So, they did.

The founders introduced revolutionary networking devices instead of cumbersome, typically manually intensive, dumb network devices. They created solutions that automatically segmented networks for audio and video transmissions. They embraced the cloud, which dramatically streamlined system maintenance and eased infrastructure upgrades. 


As a result, their vision grew Pakedge from a tiny start-up to a global networking company. Their impact was so seismic that they were voted the number #1 networking brand for six straight years by CE Pro. Eventually, a large public company purchased the solutions which still live on today. 

So what lessons did they learn? From that venture, our founders recognized that most electronics have an unquestionable advantage when they are wired and powered by a computer network, or Power-Over-Ethernet (PoE). They wove that knowledge into our corporate fiber, and it has become our market differentiator. 

Since then, they have been on the lookout for another opportunity. In the past, the custom electronic channel has been driven by private companies with visionary founders whose only mission was to deliver superior products to their dealers.  

These industry disrupters build new products that typically never existed in the mass consumer electronics market. Virtually all companies in the channel today are either public or ventured backed, so innovation has been lost at the expense of profits and investor returns. Realizing innovation was dying during a time where the cloud, audio and video streaming and connectivity is taking off, they launched PoEWit Technologies, a very different type of start-up. They refused outside investment and instead self-funded PoEWit. Why? Because they want their creativity to be free from having to answer to any investors and short term financial returns. Their goal is to build the best and most innovative products possible for this channel, without compromise!