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    Outdoor Security Flood LED Light 5000K White with 2 Port Pass-Through PoE++ Driver Cloud Intelligent

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    The First Safe PoE powered Low Voltage Solution for Outdoor Lighting

    PoEWit outdoor lights can be programmed to be dim at night as well as go full bright when triggered by motion or light to deter intruders. Our Security lights with PoE passthrough make adding a light to an existing IP Camera a breeze. When installed in conjunction with an existing IP camera, they activate high-quality color recordings at night when it's dark, and typically cameras will go to infrared. Our lights provide the flexibility to connect to any wall switch or motion detector. Once configured, PoEWit lights can still operate and perform pre-programmed schedules even if the internet connection is lost with our local mode feature. With an emergency backup UPS installed, lights can continue to operate and can be programmed to conserve power while on battery mode.